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Our date: Please arrive on time. If you're a smoker, I ask that you don't smoke for at least an hour beforehand (and use mouthwash). Don't be under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol. I'm open to sharing a glass of wine or champagne with you once we've met. It is not courteous to have me ask for the donation. The donation can be placed in an envelope and left in a visible spot for me. 


Privacy matters. Any information that you share with me is kept private. Information that is provided for screening purposes is immediately deleted. Privacy is important to me; please respect mine as I respect yours.  Lastly, I wish not to be reviewed even if the review is a lovely one. I am a private person and I with to preserve my anonymity at the very fullest.


Life happens, I get it! Sometimes flights are delayed or cancelled or a last minute business dinner takes precedence. If you need to cancel or re-schedule, I ask that you provide me with as much notice as possible. If I do not receive at least 24 hrs notice to re-schedule or cancel, I will request a 50% cancellation fee. In the rare event that I need to cancel, I will be sure to reimburse your deposit.


Feeling safe and secure puts me at ease.  Screening is a standard many companions, particularly those in this corner of the industry, use strictly for safety reasons. I highly  prioritize my safety and therefore will not meet anyone who does not provide me with all  necessary requested information.  A request for screening information is at my discretion. I may ask for a companion reference and/or a photo of your ID, or a screenshot of your LinkedIn while signed in or all of the above.

Etiquette: FAQ
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